If America runs on Dunkin, then I must…

bike on Crystal Light . It happens to be what I drink in my water bottle when I bike. I happen to like Sunrise Classic Orange. The idea that America runs on Dunkin” sort of cracks me up. When I think of jogging or any exercise, rarely do I think of Dunkin Donuts. Perhaps what they mean is that after Pesach, Yidden run to their local dunkin that is under a local hechshar? My son will never forget when he was 5 yrs old after spending the final days of Pesach in Chicago that as we drove past the Dunkin on Devon Ave (1 hour after havdala) the line was out the door with Torah observant Jews waiting for a donut (this image would have made a great posting about what our priorites are, but the moshul is way to obvious to the average reader).

I don’t necessarily think that I really run on Crystal Light. The marketing team for Dunkin Donuts must believe that “running on something” probably refers to what ‘motives’ or ‘energizes’ someone. That being said, I have been wondering what I do actually “run on”?

The obvious answers would be: family, love of Hashem, need to provide for the people I love, etc.
I guess, in theory, I “run” on Shabbos. Not that I actually go running on Shabbos, but Shabbos, in theory, should energize those who keep it, as Shabbos really is the focal point of the entire week and of creation. Again, I wrote the words, “in theory”. I admit that I don’t really think about this important idea as much as I should.

As I sit and type, I realize that even those things that ‘motive’ or ‘energize’ me only get me so far and I have the ability to push myself much further than I do. There is no need to comment, but if you are reading this, it might be worth a minute or two to think about what you run on?

2 thoughts on “If America runs on Dunkin, then I must…

  1. chaviva

    Ach! My friend has told me about that DD up on Devon after Pesach. I almost went up there, just for to view the site of the frummies noshing DD en masse 🙂


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