Whatever you are doing at that moment

I have heard the following story from several people. In fact, twice, from R Moshe Weinberger (once on a tape and once while attending a shiur from him):

A chossid of Rav Moshele Kabriner pnce went to see the Kotzker. Rav Menachen Mendel of Kotzk asked to hear what the greatest inun, character trait, of this chossid’s rebbe, Rav Moshele Kabriner. Was it chessed? Tefilah?
The chossid answered, my rebbe’s greatest inun is whatever he is doing at that moment. Whatever we do at this moment, who we are married to, who are children are, where we are living, we have to serve Hashem at this time, at this moment. Whatever is happening to us is from Hashem.

While some aspects of my life have been hectic lately and there have been several ups and downs within the past year, this gevaldik story always pops in my head. Hopefully it will remain at the forefront of my head and not as an afterthought.

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