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Hi, I’m Neil Harris. I live in Chicago, IL and I am an observant Jew, who likes to observe and a work in progress. Back in public high school my hair was often streaked with peroxide and different lengths and shapes (thanks to Aqua Net). Eventually I chopped it off so that I could look more clean-cut for my interview at Yeshiva University (the things we do for Torah). Back then, I spent my free time listening to hardcore punk and college radio. Today, I have very little hair and when I do catch myself listening to Husker Du or Bad Religion on my iTouch my kids roll their eyes and call the music, “complete chaos and a ruckus.” They’re correct, having been raised on Uncle Moishy, Piamenta, and YBC. I am zoche to have a wife and children who love me and rock. My children display a strength of self and independence that sets them apart from many of their peers. There is nothing more hardcore than doing what Hashem wants each of us to do.

Feel free to email me at neilsharris@gmail.com


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