Tomer Devorah shiur #1 now online

Rabbi Etan Ehrenfeld

The first shiur from the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago’s Tomer Devorah chabura was just posted online, here.  The shiur, “V’halachta B’drachav”, is based on the the Ramak’s intoduction to the sefer and Rabbi Etan Ehrenfeld brings in an article from the Rav and Sefer HaMitzvos in helping to understand the how we can be similar to our Creator.  It’s worth a listen and is a great way to prepare for this Sunday’s class at Congregation KINS from 8pm-9pm!

One thought on “Tomer Devorah shiur #1 now online

  1. micha

    Weirdly, it doesn’t show up in the podcast I subscribed to off an icon-link on the right of the page. REE’s halakhah and mishnah shiurim are there, but Tomer Devorah and “Talmud for Women” do not.


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