If you’re not busy this Shabbos afternoon…

…and you live in West Rogers Park (Chicago), then I highly recommend you check out the YU Kollel’s Perek in the Park that is taking place this Shabbos afternoon at 4:30pm in lovely Lerner Park (yeah, learning in Lerner-haha).

I attended last Shabbos Kodesh and heard a great presentation by Rabbi Michoel Teitcher, who based his discussion on the Maharal’s commentary on Pirkei Avos. This week’s event will be lead by Rabbi Mendel Breitstein.  Please check it out and say hi.

2 thoughts on “If you’re not busy this Shabbos afternoon…

  1. yaak

    What a great idea and “Perek in the Park” is a catchy name, to boot!

    You should patent “Learning in Lerner” because some other group is going to use that next.

  2. Neil Harris

    “Perek in the Park” is a fairly common program (I think National Council of Young Israel promotes a program by that name, too).

    I’m usually @ Lerner as it is either schmoozing or attempting to read something sefer-esque while watching the kids.

    Eventually there will be turf wars between Kollels for space at Lerner and someone will start “Shteiging at Chippawa”. lol


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