Free MP3 Shiur by R Moshe Weinberber on Raising Hashem’s Children

Sent to me from the Aish Kodesh Audio email list:

Dear Chaveirim,

During the first days of Pesach, Rav Weinberger almost always talks about the four sons, and this year was no different.

However, after hearing this year’s drashah, many of us came to the conclusion that Rebbi’s words needed to be recorded to provide chizuk to parents (and their friends) of “wayward” children.

There are almost no communities that are not touched by problems of children involved in drugs or alcohol, of children who have left mitzvos, and children who are engaged in all kinds of self-destructive behavior, and all of us desperately need chizuk and enouragement.

Rav Weinberger consented to our request, and, because of its importance, we are making this shiur available free of charge. Click below for the link…

Chizuk For Parents Who Are Raising Hashem’s Children

Recording Date: 04/15/2010

The Haggadah’s extraordinary introduction to the four sons. The parents’ disappointment about an “unsuccessful” child. When unspoken complaints erode shalom bayis (marital harmony). Hating the child, complaining against Hashem and blaming the spouse. The need to unify Hashem’s name with this very child that was specifically sent into my life. When a child, after all the parents and teachers poured into him, turns his back on everything the parents hoped for. Yitzchak Avinu and Rivkah Imeinu had a Yaakov AND an Eisav. Despite all the pain and disappointment: Baruch Hamakom, Baruch Hu (blessed be Hashem). The two parts of the nissayon (trial). Empathizing with another Jew’s pain is the beginning of geulah (redemption). Loving our children despite their rebellion against everything we believe in. A final seder in the concentration camp.

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