Best minyan EVER!!

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Once in a while, I merit to have a good idea come down to me from Hashem. I admit, it is pretty rare, but when it does happen I am pretty darn grateful.

Prior to Pesach I had made plans with 4 other families to go to a White Sox game with my kids on Thursday of Chol HaMoed. I knew that within our group we would have 7 adult males (4 fathers and 3 post Bar Mitzvah boys). I decided to put the word out on Facebook, Twitter, and emailed a bunch of fellow residents of the Chicago area to see if we could get a Maariv minyan at the beginning of the 7th inning. Quickly I got a response from a friend that he would be there and also 2 other guys. Then another guy (didn’t know him prior to the game, but I’m glad I’m friends with him now) and his son said they would join in, too. As we got to the stadium and parked, my son noticed a car of 3 other guys parking right next to us and I quickly told them about the minyan, as well.

When it came time to daven we had just over 17 people, including someone saying Kaddish and someone who had a Yahrzeit. The Sox lost, but I don’t think it was related to our minyan.

Here’s the important part, really. I’m not posting this because I’m looking to blow my own shofar, I’m posting this because each of us has a way we that we can help others and add to the “quality” of our community (or a community of baseball fans). I often go through periods when I know I should be doing more with myself on a communal level. I know there’s, like, volumes more what I’m meant to be doing for Klal Yisrael beyond my role within my family and immediate friends, but I just don’t (for a number of reasons). I know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I’m, again, grateful that I was open to receiving an opportunity this time and acting upon it…this time.

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  1. Mr. Cohen

    Overlooked Psychology of the Arab-Israeli Peace Process
    by Mr. Cohen of the Derech Emet yahoo group, 2014/4/27

    In a very famous Bible story, King Solomon threatened to cut a baby in half
    to satisfy the claims of two women who claimed possession of the same baby
    (Melachim Aleph, chapter 3, verses 16 to 28).

    The fake mother did not object to cutting the baby in half,
    but the real mother begged King Solomon to not do it
    because the real mother did not want to see her baby die.

    Arabs are very familiar with this Bible story and they apply it
    to the conflict over possessing “Palestine.” Arabs believe that
    just as the fake mother in the court of King Solomon was
    willing to divide the baby, the Israelis are fake owners of
    “Palestine” because they are willing to divide it.

    According to this logic, Arabs can never agree to less than 100%
    of “Palestine” because doing so would make them like the fake
    mother in the court of King Solomon who was willing to divide the baby.

  2. Mr. Cohen

    Refuting the Jew Haters by Mr. Cohen, 2014/4/27,
    moderator of the Derech Emet yahoo group,

    I do NOT suggest that any Jew waste his or her time arguing
    with Jew haters, for many reasons.

    First, our obligation as Jews is to serve G_d, not argue with
    Jew hating lunatics.

    Second, they can be dangerous, and even if you think you
    are anonymous on the internet, you are not as anonymous
    as you think you are, and they may find you, G_d forbid.

    Third, many Jew haters are fanatics and/or lunatics,
    who will never listen to anything you say, or even use
    your words against Jews in ways you did not anticipate.

    Still, there are rare situations when it helps to know how
    to refute their accusations against Jews; for example,
    when a sincere Gentile co-worker or neighbor is
    influenced by the accusations of the Jew haters.

    One favorite accusation of the Jew haters is that Jews
    have been expelled from many countries and cities.
    Jew haters use this to imply that Jews are bad people.

    This accusation can be countered.

    When a Medieval king expelled Jews from his country,
    Jews were usually not able to take their possessions
    with them, so all the possessions of the Jews became
    the property of the king, including: land, houses,
    furniture, gold, silver, jewels, farm animals, etc.

    Even if the Jews had some way to take their money with
    them (which was far from guaranteed) they could not
    take their larger possessions with them. This permitted
    the kings to increase their wealth quickly with little risk.

    So kings had big financial incentives to expel their Jews,
    as did lords and dukes.

    Another reason why Jews were expelled many times from
    Christian countries was that Medieval Christians did not
    tolerate people whose beliefs disagreed with their own.

    Medieval European Christians also persecuted other
    Christians whose beliefs differed from their own.
    For example:

    In October 1536 CE, William Tyndale was publicly
    executed because he translated the Bible into English,
    even though he was Christian.

    Most Christians alive today tolerate people with different
    beliefs, but this tolerance is around one or two centuries old.

    We Jews should THANK G_D that we live in an era
    when most Christians no longer believe their religion
    wants them to persecute Jews.


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