5 Reasons why TorahAnytime Beta is awesome

A number of months ago I was asked to beta test the all new reloaded TorahAnytime.com. Their amazing website recently went live and here are 5 reasons it’s awesome.

1. Incredibly easy on the eyes. The site was designed so that you can easily see newly added videos and also navigate to different pages from the toolbar.
2. Videos shown by category. Lets say you are looking for a video shiur on the parsha, halacha, or from a Seder, just scroll down and see rows of videos that are available.
3. Member login and donations. On the Right side of the page it’s really easy to login. Just under that is info about making a donation. This site is constantly updated and it needs our support.
4. It’s all about the partners. Toward the bottom of the homepage on the right you’ll see logos/links of organizations and institutions that have partnered with TorahAnytime.com. One of the signs of any organization is that they are willing to share the credit.
5. It’s a great use of the web. If you are reading this post then you know that we can use technology to better who we are. TorahAnyTime does exactly that.

One thought on “5 Reasons why TorahAnytime Beta is awesome

  1. amandajanebradley

    but the women speakers have been hidden behind a filter wall so that you can only see their names if you register and log in having specified your gender as female. disgusting extreme example of photoshopping women out of Jewish life. i would not recommend torahanytime until they correct their ‘mistake’ in thinking that it is a problem for men to read a list of women’s names, and (presumably) to listen to a woman teaching torah.


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