Update on my prep for Bike The Drive

I biked in the evening last night for an hour and will be hitting the pavement again today, in preparation for Bike the Drive for Chai Lifeline on Sunday. So for I have raised $735, which is great. There’s still time to sponsor me, if you can. Any amount you can give to Chai Lifeline would be so wonderful.

I think I finalized my playlist for Bike The Drive. As of now, I’ll be listening to 2 shiurim from Rav Revuen Leuchter and probably two shiurim from Rav Moshe Weinberger.

The playlist will is:
Hafachta- The Diaspora Yeshiva Band
Tzadik- The Diaspora Yeshiva Band
Yerushalayim- Even Sh’siyah
Ashreinu- Even Sh’siyah
Malachim- Moshav Band
Hashem S’fatai- Moshav Band
Carlebach Medley-Piamenta
Anachnu Maaminim Medley- Piamenta
Mitzvah- Yossi Piamenta
Va-Yivan Uziyah- Yossi Piamenta
Nigun Nevo- Shlomo Katz
eliyahu hanavi- Shlomo Katz
Hashem Melech- Yosef Karduner
Lo Yaavod -Yaakov Shwekey
Wavin’ Flags at Camp Simcha-Kids Battling Cancer
Opinion- Greg Gaffin
Cease Bad Religion
I Hate Alternative Rock- Bob Mould
All Those People Know- Bob Mould
Celebrated Summer- Hüsker Dü
Chartered Trips- Hüsker Dü
Rescue- Echo & The Bunnymen
Just Like Heaven- Goldfinger
Choose Any Memory- fIREHOSE
Imitation Of Life- R.E.M.
This Is a Call Foo Fighters
Bamboleo- Gipsy Kings
Another State Of Mind- Social Distortion
Don’t Change -INXS
You can still sponsor me by going here until May 26th. Thanks!!

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