A serious question for my readers

Hi, how are you? I am sort of torn between, what I view as, two opportunities. Here is the situation as I see it. 

I started this blog over seven years ago and it has been a great platform for me to actually write, hammer out concepts that are key to my hashkafa, and share a little bit of the Torah that I come across. These are all really great things and I am humbled and grateful to all who visit this blog daily. The lack of comments use to get my goat, but I have realized that if on one is commenting that means that readers agree with what I am writing. 
However, I am now seven years older and my own blogging needs have slightly changed. I am considering moving over to WordPress. That isn’t the problem, though. I already have a blog (nothing posted) on WordPress and even have a name for the blog, and it is sadly not as cool as Al Ha Derech or even Modern Uberdox.
I am trying to slowly write more “general audience” posts and need to decide if I should just move all of Modern Uberdox over to WordPress and still continue to post, yet have a sprinkling of more general posts about the challenges of growth or…
…just keep this blog here and have a totally different blog all together. 
While I write for most selfish reasons  I also know that this blogs reader have been with me from the beginning (even with that terrible post about New Square Orange Juice vs Lakewood Orange Juice  [Spring of 2006]). So I am asking a favor. If you are the person in California, the reader in Patchouge (Long Island), or the lurker in Jersey City please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you would prefer. I was going to post a poll, but I would rather that you leave a comment, because your opinion matters and I value your perspective. 

2 thoughts on “A serious question for my readers

  1. mocdeg

    I am always happy when I find that you have posted a new entry because most of what you write needs to be said and I mostly agree with you. I don’t care where you blog as long as the quality continues to be the same. I don’t see what’s wrong with more general posts too. Thanks for all your efforts.


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