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Just over a year ago, after reading an issue of Klal Perspectives I dreamed up an idea to help promote learning programs in the Chicago area to people like myself, who are not always so motivated. Initially it was going to be a quarterly publication, but after speaking with a good number of rabbonim in the community, the feeling was that it was a big undertaking. I revised my plan and I’m please to announce that “G2G-Growing Together” is officially live. G2G, as I call it, is really a clearinghouse for formal and informal learning, to create a culture of growth that bridges the gap between rote observance and inspiration. It’s also, I’m happy today, part of the “AishDas” family.

I am grateful that in Chicago a new project called “Nourishing the Neshama” was recently started. It’s a partnership project of the Ida Crown Jewish Academy, the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel, NCSY, YU Institute for University-School Partnership, and Congregations Chovevei Tzion, KINS, KJBS & Or Torah. The are providing much needed programs to the greater Chicago community. Their programs also will provide posting material.

If interested you can click over to my “other” blog and read about an upcoming program this Shabbos with Rabbi Binny Freedman, founder of Isralight. G2G can be found here and there are options for following updates via email, Facebook, RSS, or Twitter. 

4 thoughts on “Going live

  1. Neil Harris

    Thanks, Mark. It’s been interesting setting up Twitterfeed to send G2G updates to Twitter and Facebook. If one person decides to go to a shiur, then it’s worth it. Especially if that person is me.

    1. Neil Harris

      It’s in Skokie, IL and I am sure you have seen it. It is just on the corner of Freudian Slip Lane and No Proofreading Ave.

      Corrections made on this post and today’s post at G2G. Thanks!


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