Audio links to "Planting Seeds for a Meaningful Year"

Last night’s joint Yeshiva University Torah Mitzion Kollel and NCSY workshops and panel discussion rocked!!!  Aside from using the Spring Issue of Klal Perspectives as a springboard, the talented speakers addressed issue like making Shabbos more meaningful, the need to bring feeling into our halachic observance, and ideas of what type of learning we can engage in.  The Aish Kodesh zt’l and his seforim came up a few times and Rav Reichman skillfully showed a major differnce between Chassidus and Mussar.
The following audio links were recently posted from the event:


Workshop Sessions
Bring Back that Love and Feeling
Rabbi Reuven Brand, Rosh Kollel
Rabbi Steven Burg, Managing Director of the OU and International Director of NCSY
Rabbi Josh Livingstone, Director of Meor Northwestern
Rabbi Zev Reichman, Director of Jewish Studies at YU, Rabbi of East Hill Synagogue of Engelwood, NJ
Panel Discussion

A grosse Yashar Koach goes to all who planned this wonderful event.

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