A new tool for In-Reach

This is probably old news to most people, but I got clued into Chavrusamatch.com tonight.
It was founded by Rabbi Jason Gelber, a member of Rabbi Ner Israel Kollel and the co-founder of a substance abuse center in Baltimore, MD.  I found the site easy to navigate and the “resources” page had great link for on-line texts and tools for learning.  The site has great potential for people who don’t have time for a chevrua and are interested in one-on-one distance learning.  While I am be fan of Partner’s in Torah, I think this site will be great for In-Reach among the already observant.  While learning on the phone or via Skype is cool, I’m curious if there’s potential for the website to be used to match up people locally?  Time will tell.

From their website:
What is Chavrusamatch.com?

Chavrusamatch.com connects Jewish people of all ages, backgrounds and interests to learn Torah together at a time and in a manner that works for them. Busy men and women can find their same-gender matches to engage in dynamic Torah study.
Chavrusa Match facilitates three types of learning arrangements: in-person, for the individual struggling to identify a chavrusa locally, due to scheduling constraints or other limitations; and phone or Skype/video chat, for busy professionals or those living in remote locations without access to in-person resources.

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