Summer issue of Klal Perspectives now available

The new Summer 2012 issue of Klal Perspectives is now available to read or download here:

This issue address the problem of divorce within the early years of marriage within the Orthdox community.  In edition, the letters section contains a number of suggestions based on the articles published in their Spring issue.  Included is an excellent description about Mussar Vaadim written by Rabbi Micha Berger.

3 thoughts on “Summer issue of Klal Perspectives now available

  1. Micha Berger

    … which you’ll find immediately after our host’s inspiring letter. Why is it he reads a magazine and is moved to do something (reference to said letter), whereas I read the same magazine and just feel jealous of the authors?

  2. Neil Harris

    Since this is “public forum”, I will only say the each of us in the world has their own path towards a final goal. If you have to travel to South Ferry at the southern tip of “the City” I think you can take a few different trains, depending on where you are in Manhattan. Then end result is that, regardless of what train you take, you end up getting on the Ferry.

  3. Bob Miller

    Neil’s reference is a blast from my past. I used to commute on the ferry daily to get from Staten Island into the City and back (went to Stuyvesant HS, then at 15th St nr. 1st Ave in Manhattan). At various times, I explored a variety of train/bus/walking options from/to the South Ferry terminal near the Battery. Total trip one-way, also including the bus ride on SI, took about an hour and a half.


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