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My fellow blogger, and friend, Shmuel has a “sticky note” request on his blog. He asked for some help getting the word out, so here is the “sticky note” he wrote:
The family who graciously opened their home and hearts to me and several other American boys are making a wedding soon, God willing.
Unfortunately, they lack sufficient funds, not only for the wedding itself, but for beyond the wedding to help the young couple establish themselves.
As such, a few of us have gotten together in an effort to raise some desperately needed money for this wonderful family who epitomize hachnassat orchim and other acts of chesed on a daily basis.
Thankfully, we have found an American based charity organization who is willing to field donations and checks made out to the family. Anyone interested in taking part in the mitzva ofhachnassat Kallah can make a (tax-deductible) check out to:

Nissim VNiflaot (write in the memo line: “Keren Boruch” so we know what it is for!)
Donations can be sent either to

7 Evian Court
Lakewood, NJ 08701
134 Boulevard #10
Passaic, NJ 07055

UPDATE: Deadline is the last week of August.

Please help us express our gratitude to this family by helping them out!
And for those who have sent me e-mail: this can be considered ma’aser…

Any help you can get, I know, would be appreciated.

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