Starbucks turns 40 and I’ll be drinking…

This morning on Facebook, I posted:
Tomorrow is a big day, as Starbucks unveils a new cup size for iced drinks called the “Trenta”- 31oz. No, I don’t work for SBUX, but I find it funny that technology makes things smaller internally and Starbucks tries to educate us that we need more externally.

While I have been a fan of Starbucks since ’92, I am also aware that since January of 2008 the cRc has been, well, not as into Big Green as I am.

Without getting into links, pdfs, and checklists, my celebration of Starbucks’ newest iced drink size, all 31oz of it, will be low-key, as I run into a building that houses a kiosk.  While SBUX is telling us we need an even bigger sized iced coffee, those who are careful with what they put in their mouths kashurus-wise are using their research to let the public now how limited their choices might actually be.  

I will say, that I survived Starbucks switching from making Frappuccinos out of coffee, sugar, milk and ice to becoming a product I wouldn’t digest.  I survived White Mocha switching from a Kof-K D.E. syrup to something I haven’t ordered in a billion years, and I’ll live with the “checklist”.  I’m curious why the all important checklist hasn’t been circulated among shuls in Chicago, but I’m sure that day will come.  Meanwhile, I pray I have as much passion about my own religious lifestyle as those out there who are passionate about important topics of the day like the decay of morals in society, rampant drug use among teens and adults, sexual predators, kids at-risk, and, oh yeah, what can I drink at Starbucks and where can I buy it.

If your biggest problem is the location of where you can get a drip coffee or an iced Americano then you’re way ahead of me.

3 thoughts on “Starbucks turns 40 and I’ll be drinking…

  1. Bob Miller

    Neil, why can’t you see how essential it is to drink ever-increasing volumes of drinks that are bad for you?


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