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Years ago, we purchased a car and got a “gift certificate” for a sporting goods store. I ended up buying a bike (and one for my wife). I have, thankfully, for the past three years to have participated in Chai Lifeline’s Bike the Drive program. To use my bike and get sponsors that can help Chai Lifeline is an amazing mitzvah opportunity.

Last year, with your help, I was able to raise an unprecedented amount of money for Chai Lifeline, an organization that helps terminally ill children and their parents. I biked a total of 45 miles on Lake Shore Drive in downtown Chicago within 4 hours, which was personal record for me. I dedicated my biking to my father, Al Harris, of blessed memory, who had past away that year of Leukemia. While it was great being able to celebrate with my wife, children, and by brother (who came to town to join us), the real victory was the people helped by Chai Lifeline by your donations, especially in honor of my father a”h. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me and my entire family from across the country.

This will be my fourth year Biking the Drive for Chai Lifeline. I am currently training (indoors), but soon I’ll be hitting the streets of Chicago and Skokie biking and getting ready for the big ride. I will admit, this year, I have another goal besides raising funds to help Chai Lifeline. This year I am hoping that my bike training will not only get me in ready for the ride, but will also help me get into better physical shape for life.

Chai, mean “life”, and I have seen that that the work, love, care, and support that Chai Lifeline gives is truly a lifeline for many people. They provide so much for so many people. And now, together, we can both help them. The word “mitzvah” is derived from the Hebrew word meaning “to connect”. By sponsoring me for Bike the Drive, you are making an unbreakable connection by directly helping so many children and their families.

I have the best trainers in the world working with me…my wife and three kids. I know in the past I’ve had your support and I’m hoping you will sponsor me once again. So please look for more updates as I journey towards reaching my goal.

To view my YouTube training video, expertly filmed by my 8 yr old daughter, please check this link:

If you are intested in donating to sponsor me, please click here or free free to email me. Of course, it would be great if you’d like to forward this to your friends.

Thank you,

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