One step forward or three steps back

In a casual conversation with a co-worker, I was informed that for every one day that you don’t wear orthodontic rubber bands or elastics then you “go back three days”.

Since everything the the physical world is really just a parallel of our spiritual world, could it be that every day you chose not to do a specific mitzvah, you also might “go back three days”?  Is it possible that it might be three times harder for you to get all that much closer to Hashem, than if you had performed the mitzvah you chose not to do?  Just a thought.

One thought on “One step forward or three steps back

  1. Shalom Rosenfeld

    The book of Ben Sira describes the Torah’s attitude as: “if you abandon me for one day, I’ll abandon you for two.” Im ta’azveni yom, yomayim e’ezveka. It’s then cited by many midrashim. (Many think it’s a pasuk in Tanach; not quite.)


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