I couldn’t help but overhearing…

In today’s age of blogs , Facebook, and Twitter we have become fairly accustomed to make a quick comment on things. From a status update about how cold it is outside to a picture of a cute kid playing in a suitcase, it seems that everyone has something to say and now we have a platform to stand on when saying it. I’m probably more guilty of this than most people, by my own admission. However, it’s important to realize that there’s a difference between an invited comment (like anything that someone posts on Facebook, where commenting is part of the online culture) and commenting on something that’s really doesn’t concern you. How often have we said or hear the phrase, “I couldn’t help but overhearing…”, followed by some advice or a comment that is unsolicited and, to put it mildly, not helpful?

At times, we might hear or see something that directly affects us, so it’s in our own interest to speak up. Especially when someone is being wronged.

True, it’s hard to help overhearing things, however it takes self-control and a willingness to sometimes negate voicing our own opinion and not making a comment.

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