Rav Frand’s 2009 Teshuva drasha

Tonight, thanks to my wife, I was able to hear and record Rav Frand’s Teshuva drasha live at Cong. Shaarei Tzedek Mishkan Yair and sponsored by the Chicago Community Kollel.  It was great.  He addresses why our efforts to do Teshuva seem to start out strong in the beginning of each new year and then as time goes on these feeling seem to go away.  His suggestion on how to keep that feeling alive is awesome and will change your life.   It is really worth listening to between now and Yom Kippur, but I have removed the link, sorry.

UPDATE:  I have currently removed the link to allow one to listen to the shiur.  If you did listen to the shiur that I previously posted, I think it’s only fair that you make a donation to the Yad Yechiel Institute.
Make Checks Payable to: Yad Yechiel Institute
P.O. Box 511 / Owings Mills, Maryland 21117- 0511

6 thoughts on “Rav Frand’s 2009 Teshuva drasha

  1. Anonymous

    As a very close talmid of Rabbi Frand and a follower of everything he does, I would have to assume that you asked for his permission to post the drasha online for free. The reason I say that, is that he usually posts the drasha on his website and you must buy it in order to hear it. Just something to think about. thanks

  2. Neil Harris

    I have removed the link to my recording of the shiur and updated this post.

    I did not, in fact, ask reshus to post the drasha online. I am currently asking those who did hear it to make a donation to Yad Yechiel.

    If possible, can you get me an email address or number for Rav Frand, so I can contact him and ask him for mechilah.


    Thank you for bringing this to my attention in a very menschlikeit manner.


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