Bike the Drive training update

Armed with my helmet, some Powerade, and my mp3 player I ride at night along the bike path on McCormick.  With Bike the Drive happening this Sunday, it’s sort of crunch time.  It’s great to be biking again and getting some exercise that doesn’t involved shooting hoops with my son, chasing my daughter on equipment at the park, or letting her younger sister climb all over me and swing from my arms.

Knowing that people are helping me support Chai Lifeline and the great work they do is great motivation to keep pushing myself to literally go that extra mile each time I go out and train.

I have been listening to some great shiurim, as well.  This amazing shiur from Rav Weinberger given on Lag b’Omer is worth the cost of the FREE download.  I’ve actually listened to it twice while biking.  Another great download is Rabbi Shaya Cohen’s Keynote Address at the Priority-1 Parenting Expo that was recently held in Chicago (it’s the first item on the page).  Tonight I biked 12 miles and listened to Rabbi Akiva Tatz discuss the difference between the “Torah of Abraham, Torah of Shem v’Ever ” (you have to scroll down on the link to find the download).  I have been able to have the names of several people in mind while I have been listening to these and other shiurim, as an aliyah for their Neshamos.

Since it’s after the 33rd day of the Omer, I’ve also slipped in some Yosef Karduner, Piamenta, and Husker Du during the final stretch back home.  If you are interested in helping Chai Lifeline by sponsoring me, please click here and then chose my name from the pull-down menu.  Any amount would be great.  To those that have already sponsored me, thank you so much!!!

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