Shuls vandalized in Chicago and community gathering today

Over the weekend several shuls in the Chicago area were vandalized.  You can read about it here.

This was sent out by several Rabbis in the Chicago community:
In response to the vandalism community will be gathering today to show our support and make our voices heard – not only that we are ONE PEOPLE together with Israel, but that we will not stand for such cowardly acts of violence.
Please make every effort to join us at
Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation
7117 N. Crawford Avenue,
Today – Sunday, January 11th – 3PM
(The gathering will last approximately one half an hour.)

Update:  For coverage of the event today see this.  I, along with about 300 others, attended the outdoor event it was a very nice showing of both obsevant and not-yet-observant Jews and even some non-Jews.  Several rabbonim were present and there was a lot of media coverage.

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