One of several reasons I haven’t been blogging too much

The Bike the Drive for Chai Lifeline training has been keeping me a bit busy these days. Family, work, little league, along with general life also takes time. Of course, the truth is ,that a post such as this is being writing with only two goals in mind:
a) To let those who actually take time out to read this blog know that I’m still out there and
b) to get more sponsors for the Chai Lifeline fund raiser. The twist I have on raising funds is, as I’ve been told, rather unique. As mentioned previously, I wil actually listen to a shiur while training/ Biking the Drive in memory or as a z’chus for someone. All that YOU need to do is be willing to donate to Chail Lifeline, here, and find my name in the sponsor list. Imagine, even if you donate, say, $5.00, I will have someone in mind when I listen to a shiur. I think it’s a rather good deal.

I found out two things last week while training.
a) I’m really out of shape, but that isn’t stopping me. My wife and kids are behind me!
b) The Rav Moshe Weinberger shiur “Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’Chol (5) The Upheaval Of Moving From Shabbos To Chol (Everyday)” available as a free download, has totally changed what I think about when I make Havdalah.

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