Make your own Uberdox Post

Pick a, b, or c and have fun!!

The other day I was ________ and I was reminded about very deep mussar concept that is usually overlooked.
a) thinking about Star Wars
b) listening to an old hardcore punk rock album
c) reading either R Hirsch or R Dessler

Interestingly enough this concept was manifested in something my kids _______ last night before bedtime.
a) did
b) said
c) ate

I was then reminded of a story about ________ that had a profound impact on me when I was becoming Torah observant.
a) R Yisrael Salanter
b) R Nachman of Breslov
c) coffee

The story has to do with how we use our ________ to the best of our abilities.
a) time
b) unique talents
c) free wireless connections

This lesson isn’t really focused on so much in ________, but really starts at home.
a) the yeshiva/day school system
b) most blogs
c) your average kehillah

I guess, in the end, getting to know yourself can be a pretty difficult job. Thanks for reading. An actually post will be popping up soon.

7 thoughts on “Make your own Uberdox Post

  1. DixieYid


    It’s a great and hilarious post. It poses the question about whether or not we makes ourselves into cliches of ourselves, with formulaeic postings and trite repetitiveness. Great question. Those of us who write should be sure to keep speaking from teh heart and not just “writing on automatic.”

    -Dixie Yid

  2. Neil Harris

    Rafi, thanks for the constant commetns.

    trspr: Awaiting a guest post

    DY: Glad you saw the humor. Most us have “soapboxes” of one sort or another. As I told someone a few months ago, “at times I feel my postings are kind of like making a smoothie with only three different fruits. There’s only so many combinations.”
    You still have to pick a b or c…


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