This isn’t a cheap attempt to post. It’s just that after taking a break from blogging and getting back into the groove I found a few posts that I really liked:

Psychotoddler’s great Father’s Day video was awesome

Rabbi Avi Sharfan’s message to graduates. This was published from Am Echad Resources and also posted on Cross-Currents (Torah Judaism’s proverbial Algonquin Round Table)

A Simple Jew tells a personal story about how a simple act can have a powerful effect

Rabbi Harry Maryles discusses the term Torah True Jews

Rabbi Without A Cause reflects on blogging and identity

RabbI Yonason Goldson writes a superb article posted on BeyondBT

Dixie Yid has translated a Kuntres by Rav Itchie Mayer Morgenstern that deals with Chochma and Bina. Feel free to follow is links in the six part series

Rafi G has an amazing thought on Parshas Chukas

Happy reading!

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