Finally, something new

Firstly, thanks to those who check daily for a new post. Sorry it’s been a while.

While I do have several posting that are, like, 85% complete sitting as drafts in my Blogger Dashboard. I’ve been waiting for just the right topic to grab me and say, “This would be a great post.”

In truth, it was just an excuse not to write. I’m not really motivated to write, but I need to. For now this will have to do.

I had planned on posting something pre-Shavuos, but had a family situation that made any postings pretty much meaningless.

I’ve spent over 30 hours during the past two weeks on highways looking at the following printed word emblazoned on the back of semi-trucks: IF YOU CAN’T SEE MY MIRRORS I CAN’T SEE YOU.

As much as I tell myself that what others think about me doesn’t really matter, it’s only a 1/2 truth. To quote an influential hardcore punk icon, “Others matter, but only in the proper perspective. What really matters are the ones who love you”.

Certain aspects of who we are and what we do, say or write about are meant to be seen by others. If someone looking in a mirror can’t see you driving behind them, it’s as if you don’t exist. It does not mean that your existence is based only on being seen by everyone.

I’m a bit mixed up, I admit. I blog under my own name. I don’t hide the fact that I blog, but I don’t really advertise it either. I’ve let some friends know that I blog, others have no clue. I know of someone who would have really shepped nachas from what I’ve written. I, sadly, never shared this aspect of my life with that person.

If you think someone outside of the blogosphere might enjoy what you have to say take a moment and share before the moment is gone.

5 thoughts on “Finally, something new

  1. Rafi G

    when you cannot see them, and therefore they cannot see you, the sign is really warning you to be more careful. One way to be more careful is to put yourself out in full view. Another way is just to stay hidden and be cautious.

    One should be cautious of what he writes as a blogger, or how he behaves as a person in general, because he might harm others he “cannot see” – people he did not think would be affected by his writing or other behavior.
    The way to solve it is either get further out in view of others, or just be more careful while staying hidden.

  2. Neil Harris

    Very true, Rafi.
    At times we are defined by how others see us, or we let ourselves be defined…case in point: The meraglim, grasshoppers, and the Kotzker’s pshat.
    Because we were grasshoppers in their eyes, we felt small.

  3. Miriam L

    Hi, I came from “Jack’s Shack.” We’ve had many discussions in the J-blogosphere on anonymity. I had a blog earlier that I tried to keep anonymous, but I was writing so openly about my early life, that people who “knew me when” figured out who I was and got in touch with me. That was actually a positive experience. I re-connected with people who went to school with my brother, who knew my father, and so on.

    I’m on my second blog, and this one is not anonymous. I don’t publish my last name, but I’m not hiding or obfuscating. Many of my readers know me personally. I am careful what I say. In the end, I’ve come to feel that blogging is in some ways like being at a party. It’s disinhibiting, so you have to take extra care not to offend.

  4. frumhouse

    It is a struggle to decide whether to stay anonymous or not. At first, I kept my blog pareve. Then I kind of felt like a hypocrite – what am I hiding? So, I came out of the closet – my name isn’t posted, but many people who check out my blog know who I am.

    I too don’t advertise to everyone that I blog, but I have friends and family who know about my blog and read it. Basically, I keep a low profile and am happy with the small readership I have to share ideas with.

    I am amazed and jealous of the non-Jewish blogosphere where many people don’t have the slightest qualms about revealing their identities. Perhaps there are some who are more cautious due to to safety from random online lunatics, but certainly they don’t try to hide from their own community for fear of being thought of as “less frum” or wasting time that could be used engaging in more pious activities, or being rebuked for blogging.


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