It was 30 years ago today

Orginially planned for posting on 5/25/07

I could really pen multiple posts about Star Wars: A New Hope, but in truth, it was hard to pinpoint what to write about. There are many lessons to be learned from Star Wars. Almost as hard as it was for George Lucas to actually find a movie studio for the film.

Two different rejection letters from different studios are online. Here are some quotes…

“There is no metaphysical message that 2001 contained, no salvation offered for the youths of today in the future.”

“I do not see how this picture can be inexpensively made. Essentially, there are no starring roles for important action.”

“The decision has to be if you have enough faith in the director making an expensive family adventure film. I would not go with the project.”

“A risky project — one I would not do.”
“The question, in the end, is how much faith we have in Mr Lucas’s ability to pull it all off.”
As I start projects or set goals for myself I think about the fact Star Wars might never have been made if not for persistance and vision. Fairly good lessions.
Of course, Reb Nachman did teach us never to give up!
Also check this post by PsychoToddler.
The United Artists rejection letter is available here.
The Universal rejection letter is available

8 thoughts on “It was 30 years ago today

  1. PsychoToddler

    I had meant to write something, or at least watch SW with the kids, but with Shavuos and everything else I ran out of time.

    Star Wars was like everything to me when I was 11 (and 12, 13, 14…)

    What a remarkable film, appropriate for everyone, fun, and you just left the theater feeling happy and good!

    BTW this is still getting multiple hits every day.

  2. haKiruv

    You have to remember though, that SW was over budget. 😛

    SW movies always come out around my birthday and I love it. I remember when Han shot first. 😀

  3. muse

    We were visiting NY and saw it the first week it was out. I wanted to go to a bdwy play for our anniversary, but…

    Now I know not to expect bdwy


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