The Plane Truth

I always try to find a positive outcome whenever I see things in the news that make Torah observant Judaism seem less than an ideal lifestyle. In the media, yesterday, I was saddened to hear about a group of senior yeshiva high school students who were escorted off an airplane. They were taken off the plane for not following federal laws regarding the use cell phones on airplanes. 

Many papers, news agencies, and CNN covered this story. Why? Because, like it or not, an observant Jew is always in the spotlight. It is part and parcel of our National mission to represent the will and sanctification of Hashem’s name. 
I have been on planes when people are still checking email or playing Angry Birds  despite the announcement to turn off all electronic devices. In essence, if you don’t follow this rule prior to take off, you are delaying the flight, which affects everyone on the flight. 
It is those times that we wrongly think that our own rights/needs supersedes the rights/needs of others what leads us astray. [You can tweet that]
As mentioned in this blog, written in articles, taught in yeshivos/day schools (hopefully) people are either givers or takers, as taught by Rav Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler zt’l. Throughout life you are one or the other. Unless you are living isolated in a cave or on an island by yourself, people are watching you and making judgements and assumptions based on your actions. 
Just last week, I was pulled over by a police officer because he thought I was driving while using a handheld device. It turned out, as he saw, that I was holding a chewy granola bar. However, I was extremely polite to him because I was representing our people. 
I can only guess that yesterday’s news was because we, well at least I , needed to be reminded of this plane truth (pun intended). 

3 thoughts on “The Plane Truth

  1. Bob Miller

    Watch out; the food police will soon outlaw sweet handheld food bars.

    Back to the topic: In too many schools, misbehavior in class and in the halls is common. Some vital message from the home and school is not being delivered or, if delivered, accepted. This is bound to carry over into public behavior.

  2. Jack Dweck

    I am friends with parents that have children in that senior class, and they said that the kids were well behaved. I am sure that had it been inner city public school kids this story wouldn’t have made local news.

    The lesson here is that we must realize that we are the ambassadors of God in this world, and our most minute actions are scrutinized. Something to think about when we double park to run into the store to buy Challah…

  3. Neil Harris

    Bob: I agree that to really educate kid it has to be a joint effort between parents and schools. When either side relies fully on the other party to teach middos, then nothing is taught.

    Jack: I appreciate the info. I think you’re correct about why this made the news. It’s not the double parking that really bothers me, its the dozens of free bumper magnets that we all have. I had my and “Ein Od Milvao”. 🙂


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