Postings upon the 20 yahrzeit of Reb Dovid

The 9th of Tamuz is the yahrzeit of Rabbi Dovid Lifshitz, Z”TL, the Suvalker Rav.

Micha Berger has a great post about Reb Dovid, his rebbe on his blog:

There also is a nice article in the Jewish Press:

My Rebbe’s Rebbe

Also, there is a story about him in my first blog post:

May Reb Dovid’s neshama have an Aliyah.

3 thoughts on “Postings upon the 20 yahrzeit of Reb Dovid

  1. Micha Berger

    At the event, they said they would. I do not recall which YU person was the actual “they”, though. And it was video-ed.

    Also, there was an azkarah at Gruss “they” said would probably be there as well.


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