The best donation I ever made, thanks to Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

This past Shabbos I was fortunate enough to hear (and meet) Rabbi Yakov Horowitz.  He was brought to Chicago as a scholar in residence at Ohel Shalom Torah Center (co-sponsored by the Chicago Rabbinical Council).

I heard Rabbi Horowitz speak Shabbos night and Shabbos day.  His topics ,”“But Everyone Else Has It!” The Challenge of Children and Technology” and ““Whatever” Surviving Your Child’s Adolescent Years” were amazing (more about them in future postings, b’li neder).

In addition to being a principal, director of the Agudath Israel’s Project Y.E.S., an authority on parenting and chinuch, he also is the author of several books, including the ground-breaking Let’s Stay Safe.  The book can be purchased here.

This past week, this amazing book became available as a read-aloud video that is downloadable.  The suggested donation is $5.00, but as the website states, “any donation will get you to the download page”.  Below is a 30 second sample of the read-aloud video.  As the title of this post indicates, my donation for the download is probably the best donation I have ever made.  There is nothing more important then my children
‘s safety.  Thank you, Rabbi Horowitz!

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