6th yartzeit of my father-in-law a"h

The 12th of Cheshvon (Sunday) was the 6th yartzeit of my father-in-law, Dan ben Aharon haLevi.  Thanks to the quick thinking of my sister-in-law, my son has been wearing his Zaidy’s tefillin for over a month (of course, making a bracha on them for the first time on the 2nd of Cheshvon).  The fact and zechus (merit) that he owns and uses his Zaidy’s tefillin leaves both my wife and a I speechless sometimes.  My son said it best, when he recently told my wife that everytime he kisses the tefillin it is his way of saying, “Thank you” to Zaidy. 

Our sages teach that we’ll soon see the revival of the dead and they will, in fact, return shalayim, completely whole and healthy.  It really can’t happen soon enough.

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