Sunday’s Slabodka selection

R Avraham-Elya Kaplan, a beloved student of the Alter, wrote the following poem, “As I Listen” in 1912. The poem describes the how the Alter “captured the hearts of his talmidim:
The spark of the heart of the sage of Israel,
fanned by his past,
Guided by the force of his presence,
solaced by his morrow,
Angered by the rebellion of his challengers,
constrained by the cry of his pain,
Is carried atop his storm
in a desert of exile and wandering.

(from page 573 of MAKING OF A GODOL by R Nosson Kamenetsky)

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Slabodka selection

  1. micha

    This is verse four of “בשמעי”, pp 174-175 in Be’iqvos haYir’ah. Fortunately, available on-line here. The verse begins “זיק־לב חכם ישראל”.



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