Taking it to the next level

Imagine being part of a community with over 490 members, working on a specific middah every two week.  Wait, it gets better.  Every week you get a fantastic reading on that middah every week and excellent thought provoking questions and exercises to make that middah come alive.  Tempted?
If you are growth oriented, you might be.

There’s such a place and you can find it at madrega.com.  Madrega is the brainchild of Modya Silver and if you are not familiar with the website/community, it’s worth a look.  Currently they are finishing up the middah or “courage”.  I don’t comment there, as much as I, but I attempt to check the site weekly and personally I’ve grown in my own development over the past two years since I joined.  I’m not getting paid to write this, but if you’d like an excellent way to work online with others on a middah, please check out madrega.com.

For a Q & A with Modya Silver, click here.

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