The occasional value of chitzoniyus

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Despite the pretentious title of this post (and this blog), I tend to be more into p’nemiyus (internal) than chitzoniyus (external).  Of course, ideally the chitzoniyus should really reflect what’s going on behind the scenes.  That being written, I’ve been debating for a while about switching over from blogger to WordPress.  The vibe on the web is that those who write as a hobby use blogger and those who are serious about writing use WordPress.  They also have really cool layouts for their blogs.  Another “advantage” (I use the term loosely) that WordPress has over blogger is that they have an excellent Blackberry application that allows you to do all sorts of nifty things like post, edit, use italics, etc all from your phone.  Blogger allows you to post by sending an email.

So, I transferred over an old dormant blog from blogger to WordPress and played around a bit.  It was fun and I was totally read to take Modern Uberdox and make the jump.  As a user of most things Google (gmail, reader, google doc, google music), I decided to look at blogger’s templates one last time, since I really haven’t looked at them since starting this blog back in 2006.  I was impressed.  For sure, not as diverse or stylish as WordPress  but it was refreshing.  So I jumped, within blogger and now we are rocking a newer design.

I really try to have simplistic/minimalist views on things.  I’m more interested in how Cherry Coke tastes, than the fact that the company has changed the graphics on their cans a total of 4 times since the late 80s.  However, I understand the need to look presentable and the need to change things up from time to time (except with your spouse’s recipes).  If you use the trapping of chitzoniyus to grow and be a better Jew, then more power to you.

Oh, by the way, I’m attempting to apply labels to all of my posts, starting with the most recent and working backwards.

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