Your Hulu is more treif than my Starbuck’s iced latte

This isn’t a rant. Those who know which time zone I am was in for the first days, however, will probably get what I am saying.
One of the messages within the Arba Minim is that of achdus, coming together for the sake of a mitzvah, and realizing that each element (or person) is important to Knesses Yisrael.
So, if someone let’s their kids watch ANYTHING on Hulu, but gives a guy who gets an iced latte after minyan at Stop&Shop a “shmooze” about cholov Yisrael then it’s really no surprise why we are still waiting for Moshiach.
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10 thoughts on “Your Hulu is more treif than my Starbuck’s iced latte

  1. micha

    My theory is that mashiach won’t come as long as we are busy discussing why others’ behavior are keeping him from coming.

    I hate when people do that.


    (Irony intentional.)

  2. micha

    Bad humor aside…

    “A pious Jew is not one who worries about his fellow man’s soul and his own stomach; a pious Jew worries
    about his own soul and his fellow man’s stomach.” – Rav Yisrael Salanter

    BTW, does Hulu offer parental controls?

  3. Neil Harris

    I don’t know. In the case RYS’s saying is quite appropriate.

    What mostly bothered me was after spending the first days (location withheld) and hearing folks for one side of the track explain how their town has “shifted to the right” and they it’s not the same town they moved to 10-15 yrs ago, this comment about my iced latte seemed almost scripted.

    I guess I’m have a much stronger apprecaition for the fact that even with a strong “yeshivish” community in Chicago, there’s not really a feeling of us against them (probably b/c those without hats still outnumber those with hats). Tolerance and acceptance (well surface acceptance) of other hashkafos still seem to be important in my own community.

    It is often spending time outside of your own environment that helps allow you to appreciate all you have.

  4. Garnel Ironheart

    Well if Hulu is a problem you could move to Canada. Much harder to get it up here. First you have to get a fake American IP address.

    As I always tell my kids, when I’m done worrying about my cheshbon then I’ll have time to worry about my friend’s.

  5. IKEA Descuentos

    Who said he wasn’t a good man or isnt a good man, however he committed a crime didn’t he? Any empathy for the family this happened to? Why go to the rescue of the man who hurt the family in Nettlebrook? That seems odd. The family that was the victim of this crime I am sure are good people. What about them?


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