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Biked for an hour last night and I’m ready for the big ride.
My brother plans on driving in from Brooklyn to be at the ride and cheer me on, which is awesome.  So far, I’ve raised over $2100 for Chai Lifeline and I’m so thankful that such a wide range of people sponsored me.  From long time friends, to bloggers I’ve become friends with, to relatives, to a non-Jew from high school, and even my shul…it’s a wild group.

My wife and kids have been encouraging me and I’m begining to feel somewhat “more active”.  The sadness of not being able to share this success with my in-laws a”h and my father a”h is somewhat offset by knowing that the money raised is,mamash, going towards children and their families that needed it.

I’m pretty excited to get back on Lake Shore Drive again and hoping for excellent weather.
Training weekly for this has been tough, but worth it.  It’s also given me a fixed time to prepare and think about my “Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh” chabura that I started a few months ago.  Indeed, time well spent.

My first three hours biking will be used for listening to shiurim in zechus of a Refuah Shelayima for Revuen ben Tova ChayaZev Meir ben Yael Sarra, Rivkah Zelda bat Sarah and Miriam bas chana Yael; also as a merit for 2 couples who want children. In addition, it will be l’zecher nishmas:
Rivkah bas Chaim Yosef
Dan HaLevi bas Aharon
Avraham ben Zorach
Efraim ben Shlomo
Rebbetzin Zlata Geisinksky
Chaya bas Tuvyeh Leib
Eliezer Baruch Chaim

This year’s playlist is:

Pirkei Avos (1)- Why Begin with Olam Habah? Rav Moshe Weinberger
Pirkey Avos (2) – The Kiss Of Har Sinai – Rav Moshe Weinberger
Pirkei Avos (3) Humility – The Only Prerequisite Rav Moshe Weinberger
Pirkei Avos (4) Patience With Others, With Hahsem And With Ourselves Rav Moshe Weinberger
Hashem Melech- Yosef Karduner
Hallelu- Rockiah
Ki Lo Yitosh- Rockiah
Va-Yivan Uziyah- Piamenta
L’Shana Habaah- Piamenta
Anachnu Maaminim Medley- Piamenta
Dreams of my Redemption- Piamenta
Hafachta- The Diaspora Yeshiva Band
Cracow Nigun- Reb Shlomo Carlebach
V’li Yeruholayim- Yitzhak Halevi Band
Pischu Li- Yitzhak Halevi Band
In the Merit Of…- Pitom
Flash Gordon Theme- Queen
All Those People Know- Bob Mould
Chartered Trips- Husker Du
Sorrow- Bad Religion

Thanks to all of you who have be so kind to sponsor me.

If you haven’t sponsored me, there’s till time:

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