Write intentions, wrong approach

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After playing around with the the idea in my head forever, I was ready to start writing a book based on the unposted entries in this dusty blog.

I even had a slick title for the book, ABSENCE OF MEDIORCRITY. Alas, after a real “snow day” consisting of mostly shovel-based existance, I realized the error of my ways. Having a book title, without a completed book, is sort of like being the archer in that story by the Dubno Magid about the guy who always shot his arrow into the bull’s eye. If you haven’t heard the story, then you are missing out.

It isn’t the title of the book that’s the ikar, it;s the meat and potatoes of the book that is truly important.
I know now, that I had it wrong. Just coming up with a witty title with a hidden meaning (count the number of letters in the title), is only chiztonius (the outer layer). It’s a shell.  Nothing more and very pretentious.

I haven’t given up my desire to write a book, but I have realized that my initial approach wasn’t correct. Much like watching someone on a treadmill or a stationary bike, it looks like the person isn’t really gaining any distance, but below the surface, muscles are being strengthened and your heart is a pumpin’.
I have realized that whatever progress I thought I had made has only clarified what really needs to be accomplished.

2 thoughts on “Write intentions, wrong approach

  1. Bob Miller

    Just keep accumulating material. Meanwhile, think about useful ways to organize it and to select the best concepts and items for the book.

    Once you have the conceptual bullseye fixed in place, you can tell what content comes close and what doesn’t.


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