Sarah’s Place in Cincinnati hosts retreat March 6-8

It seems they’ve done it again.  Sarah’s Place, affiliated with the Cincinnati Community Kollel is offering a great deal for the upcoming retreat, titled “”Climbing Higher”  – a unique retreat for women who have adopted Torah-living as adults.
If you register early you can pay only $39.00 and get catered meals and lodging.
From their webiste:

Designed specifically for the baalas teshuvah or giyores, this retreat features scholar-in-residence Aliza Bulow, popular speaker on a broad array of issues in Jewish thought, regular contributor to -and a proud giyores!
Skills-building and confidence-boosting classes – Increase your Jewish knowledge and enhance your Hebrew skills!
SPECIAL EXTRA! New lifestyle creating new dilemmas? Aliza Bulow will lend an ear, as well as advice gleaned from her own transformation and from years of coaching others as well.
Sunday, Mar 6, 1:30pm through Tuesday, Mar 8, 10:00am
Sarah’s Place – Amberley Village, Cincinnati, Ohio
Catered meals, comfortable lodging, and easy on your time and pocketbook.

To find out more info or register, just click here.

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