New introduction to "Novarodok" posted online

Avakesh has posted Rabbi Meir Levin’s new introduction to the French edition of the book Novarodok here.

This quote is particularly interesting:

I would be over-reaching if I claimed credit for Alan Morinis’ work. This Rhodes scholar and former movie producer already found Mussar before reading a copy of Novarodok. It was Novarodok, however, which moved him to contact Rabbi Perr, who became his Musar mentor, and to go on to develop the Mussar Institute, a movement of thousands of Jews from all varieties of observance, who study Mussar as a spiritual discipline and find within it the inspiration toward a holier, more spiritual and more productive life.

It’s interesting, because, I wasn’t aware that reading Novarodok had prompted Alan Morinis to seek out Rabbi Perr.  In fact, today I had emailed someone and just by chance, mentioned the affect of the Mussar Institute and Rabbi Perr’s influence on Dr. Morinis.

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