R Hillel Goldberg on the true meaning of Shavuos

The Intermountain Jewish News has a great essay by R Hillel Goldberg, titled “Shauvuot-Something Real, But Not Concrete” available here.

An excerpt:

Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah. If one does not delve into the Torah, its meaning is meaningless. One may approach many Jewish holidays at the last minute. Not Shavuot. One must live with the Torah, breathe it, find joy in it, be troubled by its sometimes seemingly inaccessible teachings. One must occupy oneself with the Torah, struggle with it, let it color one’s mind and soul, in order to grasp it.

One thought on “R Hillel Goldberg on the true meaning of Shavuos

  1. A Yid

    Ahhh, my fellow Denverite Rabbi Goldberg! He’s a very great person. May we indeed ‘approach’ Shavuos all year, through living with the Torah, for it is our life!


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