Finding your direction via your computer

There are three links I recently saw I hope to be using for my personal Jewish growth in Avodas Hashem.

The first one was suggested to me in an email exchange with R Micha Berger.  It’s an online growth-based community called, created by Modya Silver.  This online community allows on to work on specific middos within a two week period.  I’ve been on for less than a week and have found it very helpful on a number of levels.

The second link, is actually to something that R Micha Berger posted on his blog regarding a new AishDas eVaad sponsored by the Aish Das Society.  For details about this new venture please click here.

Third is The Mussar Institute, run by Alan Morinis.  You can subscribe to their monthly mussar newletter here.
There are great interviews with Mr. Morinis as well as information about their distance learning programs.

4 thoughts on “Finding your direction via your computer

  1. N

    Not sure about the “via your computer” bit, but I read Mesillas Yeshorim and a commentary by R’ Yakov Hillel , and it turned me around.

  2. Modya


    Thanks. As the founder of I’m too biased to comment on how good it is. However, I want to put a slight nuance to what you said. is more generally devoted to middot development where we focus on a different trait every two weeks. The sources for discussion are Torah-based courses, however, not limited to the Mussar tradition. If there is something we can learn from Chassidut or other paths then that’s all fair game.

    We welcome everyone who is interested to come and try it out.

    Thanks, Modya

  3. Neil Harris

    N: R Hillel’s seforim are great.

    Modya: You are correct. I’m editing my post right now.
    For me, I try to find mussar in everything. Even in watching a cement truck (that post will be up later tonight).
    I’ve found much mussar in the writings of Reb Nachman of Breslov and the writings of the Piasetzne Rebbe, Rabbi Klonimus Kalman Shapira.

    Thanks for taking time to comment.

  4. Michael Kopinsky

    I highly recommend the mussar vaad (#2 above). I have participated in AishDas’s “eVaad #1” (the precursor to the new one being created) for over a year, and I strongly recommend it to anyone considering it. (Feel free to email me with any questions etc. – mkopinsky AT g mail)


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