Hitting a wall

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Ever feel like you’ve hit a wall and you really have only one option and that option is to just break through said wall?
I’m sure you have.  Most of us do.  The problem I have, is that I’ve realized that the wall happens to be a mirror and my own reflection is what’s stopping me.
There’s no easy way to say it.  It stinks, like the skunk I happened to have ran over the other day.  The smell just lingers.  I tend, when all is said (or written) and done, to be the one real wall.  I am the person who holds myself back from my own goals.  Like the many people that read this and don’t comment, I end to chose silence over real action.
Without getting to personal (I leave all the personal chizonius for Facebook), for all of the hours spent in hisbodedus and reading Mussar seforim, I, and all the pleasant insecurities that make me who I am, are the wall that keeps me from going forward.
Reb Nachman said it like this from Likkutei Moharan 2:119:

This world is like a little coin that is before one’s eyes and blocks out a great mountain.  One can easily move the coin aside and see the mountain

I just need to grab hold of the coin and put it into the pocket of my khaki pants.

5 thoughts on “Hitting a wall

  1. Neil

    Rafi: Thanks and I own like 3 pairs of khaki pants.

    ASJ: Could be. I submit that realizing the source of the problem is step in the right direction, thanks.


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