Biking on LSD*

*Lake Shore Drive

I arrived at the starting point, Buckingham Fountain on Lake Shore Drive at 5:45 am and hit the pavement.  At that time there were not too may bikers on the road as we headed south towards the Museum of Science and Industry .  I really felt that my training had paid off because as I looked at those biking north, I saw that most of them were going slowly and already looked exhausted.

After turning around and heading back north towards Buckingham Fountain, I realized that it was windy, very windy.  It was only got more difficult as I and hundreds of others biked north on Lake Shore Drive.  Now I realized why everyone looked exhausted.  The wind was fierce.  Finally as the road turned at Soldier Field the wind gave way.  Things got a bit easier, but it took a lot out of me biking against the wind.  After three repeat trips up and down LSD I finally successfully reached my goal of biking 45 miles, 15 miles more than I biked last year.

After the bicycling event, Chai Lifeline had arranged a very nice breakfast at the Spertus Museum catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering for those, like me, who helped raise money for the organization.  Coming back home, I was greeted like a champion with awesome signs that my kids made and my 2 1/2 yr old daughter shouting, “It’s the Bike the Drive Abba!”

I feel that I am fortunate enough to have not only, thanks to my many sponsors, raised an impressive amount for Chai LIfeline , but I also was able to listen to three shiurim while Biking the Drive.  While listening, I had in mind that it was L’Zecher Nishmas the following: 

Rivka ben Chaim Yosef, Dan HaLevi ben Ovadia, Efraim ben Shlomo, Chaim ben Raizl, and Reuven HaLevi ben Devorah.

Also as a Refuah Shelayma for Reuven ben Tova Chaya and Shelomo Bat Yehudit

My playlist was:
Matan Torah Allows G-d To Penetrate Into Every Aspect Of Our Lives “- Rav Moshe Weinberger
Shavuot: Seeing Sound “- Rabbi Akiva Tatz
Shavuot – Moses, King David and The Baal Shem Tov ” – Rabbi Moshe New
“Gadlu”- Shalsheles
“Hafachta”- as covered by The Moshe Skier Band
“Dream Of Redemption”- Piamenta
“Anachnu Maaminim Medley”- Piamenta
“Hashem Malech”- Yosef Karduner
“Ashreinu”- Even Sh’Siyah
“V’lirusholayim”- The Yitzhak Halevi Band
“Pischu Li”- The Yitzhak Halevi Band
“Superman”- Goldfinger
“All Because of You”- U2
“Celebrated Summer”- Husker Du

I’m truly thankful to all who sponsored me.  Especially my wife, who is always my biggest sponsor.

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  1. Eliezer

    Congratulations on your impressive ride! If you would like visit some old former synagogues around Chicago by bike, let me know. I go out almost every Sunday to document them.


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