Has anyone ever heard recordings of Rav Dessler?

In the Artscroll biography, Rav Dessler, R Yonason Rosenblums writes:

Rabbi Dessler even sought to tape his shiurim in Ponevezh Yeshiva and send the tapes back to England.  The idea of a tape recorder in the beis medresh, however, was still novel in those days, and he was advised not to do so. (Page 312)

I, however, am curious, if anyone out there has ever heard or even owns recordings of Rav Dessler?  I was once told that recordings were made at one point.  I’ve seen hand written letters and shiurim he has sent talmidim, but it would be amazing to actually hear a recording of Rav Dessler.

3 thoughts on “Has anyone ever heard recordings of Rav Dessler?

  1. Neil Harris

    That is an excellent idea. I’m still waiting for a story or two about Rabbi Nachum Velvel.

    If only someone would post a picture of R Dessler’s kos (currently in Monsey)…it belonged to R Yisrael Salanter z”tl.

  2. Akiva Feinstein

    I live in Cleveland Heights, OH where, the son of Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler, z”l, whose name is Rav Nachum Zev (who is in his 90s) lives together with several of the Michtav M’Eliyahu’s grandchildren (they are involved in the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland). The family has lots of seforim and other things from their grandfather/father. Send me an email and I will get you in touch with them.


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