Revealing contents

A peek into a refrigerator can tell a lot about a person.  If you look the fridge in a kitchen in someones’ home and it’s empty it usually means that either they haven’t had time to go shopping or that they simply don’t have enough money to stock the fridge.

A peek into a fridge at the workplace reveals something else. For the past few months the fridge at my workplace has been full of lunches that people are bringing from home. It wasn’t always like that. Except for a few drinks and some Heinz Ketchup, the fridge was usually empty. Those who formally ate out daily have changed their habits, due to the economy, and started bringing lunch from home.

A fridge that is empty might symbolize economic problems. A fridge that is full might, also, symbolize economic problems. Often time, the real back story changes our preception. As most things in life, its not always what is containted inside that matters, but also why those contents are inside.

5 thoughts on “Revealing contents

  1. Rafi G

    very good. interesting perspective, and very accurate. By my office it is like that as well. the fridge has recently become much fuller, as more people are bringing lunch from home. I hear it is like that all over…

  2. Shorty

    I think one must also look at what is filling the fridge – is the fridge filling and emptying on a regular basis, or is it filled with leftover boxes with what is know “unidentifiable…jars of condiments that seemed really good at the moment, but was only used once…


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