Sentimental Spurts

Lately I find that there are many ideas, thoughts and memories that trigger emotional responses in me.  I tend to get “misty eyed” rather easily about some things.  Maybe it’s just me getting older or just random feelings leaking out.  I find myself getting emotion about things.  This line from Paul McCartney’s song, “My Brave Face” is often playing in my head: “The Simplest Things Set Me Off Again.

In August we visited Liberty Island and Ellis Island with our children and my sister-in-law. Being a third-generation American on both my father’s and mother’s sides, I have always felt rather removed about by family’s journey to America, but walking through the main visitor area at Ellis Island made me realize the the incredible journey my great-great grandparents must have made.
I’ve been, over the past month and a half, slowly reading the late Prof. Randy Pausch’s book The Last Lecture.  I will admit, that even getting through the introduction was difficult for me.  I can’t help put reading it with a box of Puffs nearby.  Perhaps it’s because I’m just amazed by his clairity of thought and foresight to give over a powerful message to those he cared most about.  I know, as a father and spouse, there are many things I need to improve upon.  Reading this book has really put the bracha (blessing) of life in perspective. 

I’ve been able to daven Selichos with a small minyan in the evenings.  In addition to this giving me more time to really understand what I’m saying, I’ve found myself get rather emotional during my davening.

I found a few tears in my eyes when my daughter, after working very hard, got a good remark from her moreh regarding her school work.  I had to leave the room when my son, very casually told us that on the day before Yom Kippur he made sure to be one the first kids out of the school building so he could hold the door and wish everyone a “K’siva v’Chasim Tova”. 

I wasn’t planning on posting this, as it was written over several weeks.  I debated, drafter, edited, re-wrote, and edited again.  But I needed to, only because when the time comes, and it will, that my tears stop coming, I can look at this.

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