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As the People of Israel traveled through the desert on their way to the Land of Israel, they came to the border of Edom, who were the descendents Eisev. Moshe asked the leaders of Edom permission for his people to pass through Edom because it was the most direct route to Israel. Moshe explained that his people “will not pass through field or vineyard.” Meaning, that they will circumvent the residential areas, so that their passing will not cause any damage.

The leaders of Edom refused Moshe’s request and amassed troops at the borders. Israel could have defeated Edom, just as they defeated the more powerful kingdoms of Og and Sichon. However, Moshe elected to withdraw and took a circuitous route around Edom.

What was the rationale of Moshe’s decision? Why did he feel it was more important to yield to Edom, than to take lead millions of people on a longer, more dangerous route?

Moreover, there were several compelling reasons for Moshe to go through Edom. Firstly, Moshe had permission from HaShem to bring Am Yisrael through Edom. Secondly, Edom refused even though they heard the great miracles that HaShem had performed for Israel. Lastly, their stubborn refusal and aggressive response revealed that had were openly hostile to Am Yisrael. Since Edom were descendents of Eisev, they were “family” of Am Yisael.

Therefore, Moshe decided that family peace should be preserved under all circumstances.

Family relationships are a special gift from HaShem. Therefore, we should endeavor to preserve and protect our family relationships, as much as possible. As a result, HaShem will bless us with peace – the supreme element for quality living.

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5 thoughts on “Around the Shabbos Table-from the Salant Foundation

  1. SJ

    nice post, too bad that the shabbat breaks up families if there is a member who does not want to be orthodox. XD

  2. Neil Harris

    Seriously, what with the XD?

    I’ve scanned you blog and obviously you’ve had bad experiences, I’m sorry.
    In truth, Shabbos happens whether we want it to or not. It up to us to accept as much as we can. If interested, feel free to email me and we can chat more.
    No Kiruv ploy, don’t worry.

  3. SJ

    neil, thank you for your kind and generous offer of attempting to share with me the virtues of having a whole day of not being able to do anything I want (sarcasm). I would have to decline (not sarcasm). also, check your dictionary, I don’t see a cholam in the word SHABBAT.

    XD is a smiley like 😀


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