Mishpacha article about Rav Hirsch

Dr. Yitzhok Levine has posted the Mishpacha Magazine article about Rav Hirsch’s 200th birthday. It was written by Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfuter and give a great history of Rav Hirsh’s life, struggles, and accompliments to Klal Yisrael (inlcuding a connection to both the beginning of the Agudath Israel and the Beis Yaakov movment). This was easily one of my favorite quotes for the article:

It is noteworthy that Rav Shimon Schwab related that the Imrei Emes once told him that “the Tzaddik of Frankfurt [Rav Hirsch] was a leibidege mussar sefer [a living morality text].”
The article is an easy read and is available here, thanks to Dr. Levine (who gave me permission to post the link).

5 thoughts on “Mishpacha article about Rav Hirsch

  1. Neil Harris

    True. While I was thrilled w/ the Artscroll Bio that came out several years ago, this article by R Frankfurter tells of key accomplishments in R Hirsch’s life and his impact on almost every strand of Torah observant life.

  2. A Breslover

    Rabbi Frankfurter wrote a piece in the Succos edition of Mishpacha on Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s understanding of happiness which is simply breathtakingly beautiful. I wonder where he was all this time, since he’s a true pro.

  3. Anonymous

    The article in Mishpacha is quite interesting as it raises a lot of issues. His point that the Rebbe understood happiness to be intertwined with melancholy is correct.


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