A peak at how I think

Although my wife and I loved the Shaloch Manos that we made this year. I had several other ideas that I knew wouldn’t even make the cut. Here’s one of them:

Nineteen of these:

One of these:

Packaged in this box:

Can you guess the theme?

5 thoughts on “A peak at how I think

  1. Neil Harris

    19 Letters- By RSR Hirsch-must read, IMHO for any thinking Torah Jew who lives and works in the secular world

    Frankfurter-Rav Hirsh took over the kehillah in Franfurt-on-Main with only 40 Shomer Shabbos Families…there were over 400 when he died

    TIDE-Torah Im Derech Eretz

    ha ha

    I should have posted my Ramones (the band) based idea instead

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