Rav Schwab z"tl on Emunah and Bitachon

Almost 10 years ago I read a transcribed address that Rav Shimon Schwab z’tl gave on Emunah and Bitachon at the Torah Institute of America in Moodus, Connecticut, which was run by Rav Schwab’s son-in-law, Rabbi Yaacov Rosenberg z”tl.

This important drasha was once hosted online as part of the Golders Green Beth Hamidrash (London) website. As it was Rav Schwab’s yartzeit last week, I had looked to link the address to a blog posting, but sadly their site had been removed off of the internet. After several days of searching, I did find the original printout I had from 1999. There were many notes, most of which have been edited out of the pdf that I have now made available online.

This work not only show’s Rav Schwab’s humility and sensitivity in dealing with Baalei Teshuva, but also, as deals with important ideas of Hashem as our Master and our King. May this drasha be an Aliya for Rav Schwab’s neshama and also a zechus for all who need a Refuah. Please feel free to link this.
The pdf is available here.

4 thoughts on “Rav Schwab z"tl on Emunah and Bitachon

  1. Mich

    Truly inspiring!
    Thank you so much for sharing that, well worth the effort.
    I always marvel how close Chasidus and other schools of thought are in shittah, especially as time passes.
    For example, the first bit about v’eschanon. That is in Likutei Halachos, the mashal about the greatness of Hashem is similar to that of the Ba’al Shem Tov etc etc.

  2. Micha Golshevsky

    I also wanted to say that the Chovos Halevavos holds one is permitted to engage in ‘practical bitachon’ unlike the Chazon Ish.
    Thank you once again for the superb post!

  3. Neil Harris

    Micha: There’s actually many similarities b/t the kehillah of Washington Heights and many Chassidish communites: strong upholding of minhaggim, their own hechshar (KAJ), their own yeshiva system, proper kavod given to the their Torah leadership, a set hashgafah, etc.

    David: I hope the pdf is useful to you.


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